IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand
IPL Hair Remover - BeautyLand

IPL Hair Remover

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No unwanted hair root left!

The painless hair removal device uses an innovative light-based technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL),derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons. IPL hair removal has been proved to be gentle, high safety, no side effects, painless hair removal method.

Painless Hair Removal Device For The Whole Body Facial Freezing Point Laser  Permanent Hair Removal Artifact, Plug Stype:US(White) - Newegg.com

Perfect for both, Women and Men Body Hair Removal!

The IPL hair removal device is perfect for both women and men. It is ideal for hair removal from the arms, face, armpits, bikini line, legs, back, chest. suitable for sensitive areas.

Super comfortable design for the most effective treatment!

painless hair removal is Super Easy and Fast to Use Hand-held home use hair remover is ergonomic designed, easy to carry. 300,000 flashes, LCD-Display. The IPL hair removal device has a treatment window that enables fast treatment on the body at home. The permanent hair removal system has five adjustable energy levels, increase level from 1 to 5 level gradually, and choose the comfortable level according to your skin tone, to ensure gentle but effective treatment.

Higher Energy Deliver to More Effective Results!

12-18 joules of light energy make hair removal more effective than other lower energy IPL hair removal machines. Thousands of real clinically-proven results show that up to 93% hair reduction after 16-30 times complete treatment within 3 to 4 months.

Save you money on hair laser treatments!

painless permanent hair removal, Uses the same IPL technology used by dermatologists, clinical professionals, and spas, it's 100% safe and easy to be used anywhere at home or traveling.

Lasting effectively!

Painless hair removal is Popular between Women and Men, Clinical studies show 86% hair reduction after one month( 8 treatments), going to have excellent results.

The device is ideal for full body hair removal, including underarms chin, arms, face, legs, bikini area, back, arms, and belly.

Effective and no-repeat!

Painless hair removal have higher energy, more efficient to hair removal; it is the effect of laser damage the hair follicle for permanent hair removal

Humanized design concept!

-Multi-layer coated lens with wideband coverage and more efficacy.

(1-3 level steps of hair removal to improve skin texture, 1-8 levels: hair removal)

Both size and appearance Mini is easier to carry, and it is easy to operate by holding the shape.

Large screen display parameters are much easier.

Triple security protection

-Built-in security sensor chip.

-All-in-one machine, prevent side light and multiple insertion and removal damage

-Multiple protection of the motherboard to ensure stable operation.

Hair Removal,COOGA Portable IPL Hair Removal Permanent Comfortable for  Women Men 999,999 Flashes Gentle Glide Hair Removal Kit at Home Professional  Body Hair Removal Device of Facial/Bikini/Underarm- Buy Online in Pakistan  at
 How to use:
1) The First plug in the power supply, turn on the machine; select the gear; it is recommended to start from the low gear to the appropriate gear for the first use
2) Please put the laser head on the skin. After the energy indicator flashes, press the launch button to complete the operation; move to the next part and continue the operation.
3) After turning on; short press the emission button to emit light, and long-press the emission button to switch between automatic and manual emission mode.
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Carton Size 74cm * 58cm * 39cm / 29.13inch * 22.83inch * 15.35inch
Loading Container 20GP: 159 cartons * 60 pcs = 9540 pcs
40HQ: 369 cartons * 60 pcs = 22140 pcs


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